About Us

The online foreign language school HalkidonioPlus is an innovation of Halkidonio Conservatory Group.

Fully adapted to the current circumstances, it implements the latest means of education towards foreign language learning, based on an impeccably trained and experienced teaching staff.

Responding to the current challenging daily needs, we have created a new type of school according to the highest quality criteria. Overcoming any potential constraint or difficulty involved in face-to-face lessons, we bring together people from every part of the country or abroad.

Our teachers are highly experienced in group and individual foreign language teaching, with all the necessary educational qualifications, providing high-level quality teaching. They can eliminate distances with technology as their ally, by placing strong foundations both in the personal and educational development of learners.

Halkidonio Conservatory actively participates in the field of musical education since 1991.

Its numerous collaborations with prestigious names of the national musical scene such as N. Bofiliou, E. Zouganeli, F. Delhvorias, R. Antonopoulou, V. Tsampropoulos, and others from abroad such as A. Desiderio, Z. Dukic, I. Kulikova, M. Dawes and others , make it stand out throughout all these years in the field of Music Education.